I am posting on a blog instead of on twitter (I’m not a celebrity, so no-one cares and also because it’s twitter…), or facebook (over-sharing is annoying) or tumblr (because I can’t write so much). I don’t really care if no-one reads this. I don’t really know why I am posting this on the internet. I don’t even know if I will make it past three posts. Or even one for that matter.

I will continue by writing a bit more about myself. I have a large range of interests but I am not overly passionate about one thing (read: not obsessive). Sometimes that makes me sad and sometimes it makes me look like a poser (Random guy: I heard you like Disturbed. Me: Yeah, I do. RG: So like, name me three songs. Me: uhhhhh. (seriously I don’t remember the name of every song I listen to. I listen to a LOT of music. douchebag.))

I don’t think I am capable of structuring a piece of writing about myself. But as you read on, you should get a feel for what sort of person I am. Especially the bit about not being structured.

I’ve been remembering my dreams. Usually this is a bad sign. It means that I have some anxiety. The first dream I remember mainly features chickens. I think at some point dead in a restaurant on a plate. In the cinema (I’m not sure, I could be making this up). Alive and running around in someones garden. The point is: there were a lot of chickens. I don’t think I can derive any meaning from this. In the second dream I had three cats. One by one my parents who were not my parents killed my cats by sending them away in a box. It made me really really sad. I had the feeling that after they were done with the cats, they would kill me (also by sending me away in a box? Who knows.) ALSO the cats were guinea pigs (we used to have a cat and now we have a guinea pig, that is the only explanation I can find for this). I was afraid of them even though they were really familiar (they were my parents). We also drove through a shopping mall and they were arguing about directions. I was by myself in the back seat (my brother and sister oddly were not part of this dysfunctional family). That’s all I remember. I’m taking this as a warning not to trust people close to me (now turning into a paranoid freak… just kidding but I’m still watching my back). The third dream (last night) was me and two close friends driving around a university campus. Suddenly I was driving the car, it was manual, the breaks didn’t work (I stalled it?) and so I used the friction point or some crap. I avoided crashing. Narrowly. This can be explained by the fact that I’m currently learning to drive manual. I can expect more strange driving car dreams. The university campus is cause I’m moving out next month to a university in another city. I feel under-prepared. It’s stressing me out. The fact that my two close friends were there means that I’m going to miss them and that I need their support. Yes it really is as uninteresting as that to decipher my dreams.

and here’s a photo of a hippy van:

 (from: http://web420.com/blogs/2011/04/psychedelic-hippy-vans/)

Signing off,